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Portable Fish Finder

  • Modle:FF718D-Ice


    1) Depth readings from 2.0 to 240ft with icon display

    2) Small round transducer with 7m cable,45-degree beam angle

    3) 200KHz Sonar Frequency

    4) Romovable float

    5) LED backlight with wide window display

    6) 4xAAA batteries

    7) battery save mode

    8) battery strength indicator

    9) levels sensitivity setting

    10) High/Low sensitivity setting

    11) Clear fish icon

    12) Fish alarm, Bottom contour

    13) User selectable meter or feet readings

    14) Water Temperature Indicator

    15) Water resistant design

    16) Able to shoot through boat hull and clear ice

    17) Can display different bottom (grass,sand,rock) in the sea 

    18) Can resist the interference from the grass when use in lake

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